So a new dawn rises for us. The Dynasty is in a midst of political turmoil despite the presence of the most respected Scarlet Empress, who has become a recluse in her own palace. She refuses to attend to any matters of the court and instead chooses to cower in the confines of her mind. The other nobles especially those of her bloodline are scheming to take power for themselves hoping to find a reason to invalidate her right to the throne.

Worse yet outside the walls of the heavily guarded Jade City, the capital of the Dynasty, commoners are gossiping and reporting sites of demons manifesting and causing disturbances to daily activities. There are some whispers of towns being attacked and completely razed.

Despite these troubles it is also a time of great opportunity the Schools of the Elements has recovered from their losses during the cataclysmic Wars of Succession. Some masters have discovered new ways of defending themselves.

It is a time to flourish and to show everyone what it means to be a student of the School of the Elements.

The Jade Dawn Rises

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