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The unique and mysterious currency for the world of Karakossa IV. Discovered to be the basic building block of the universe and can be used literally for everything from crafting potions to permanently boost the mental and/or physical attributes of a person or crafting unique items or artifacts the universe has never seen before.

The world of Karakossa IV is rife with sectarian violence due to the often conflicting ideals factions hold, much like real life. Learn more below about their origin, motivations, agendas and deeply guarded secrets.

Zhant Consortium (Knowledge: History/Planes)
Lords of the Forge (Knowledge: History)
The Foundation (Knowledge: Local/History)
Tassyln Nomads (Knowledge: Local/History)
Swarm Host (Knowledge: Arcana/History/Religion)
Sin Eaters (Knowledge: Religion)
Nezzarine Compact (Knowledge: History/Planes)
Sanguine Triumvirate (Knowledge: History/Planes/Local)

Spell Storms
The influx of super saturated unstable energies from the birth of Karakossa IV has remained causing freakish and utterly dangerous phenomenons only known as Spell Storms. They are destructive nature and react badly to magic be it from casters, items and other sources.

Materials or Components

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